Independent client-centred support and consultancy services, delivered by nurses experienced in the caring for the elderly, that aim to maximize independence and minimize stress

Care Needs Assessment:                                                                                                                                                           From €100

Following the Telephone Consultation the Elder Care Manager will meet with the Older Person and where possible their Primary Carer and conduct a full Care Needs Assessment involving all aspects of Daily Living.
This includes: medical issues, medication, motivation, mobility, nutrition, environment, risk analysis, mental state, family involvement, and any other appropriate issues.
If the Older Person is resident in a nursing home our Elder Care Manager will meet with staff and review Care Plans, levels of care given and all areas of care provided under the HIQA standards.

If the Elder is being discharged from Hospital we will work with the Discharge Co-Ordinator and other Health Care Providers to ensure optimum results

The Care Needs Assessment gives a full overview of the situation at this time and allows the Elder Care Manager to identify the relevant issues and priorities. The Elder Care manager will use these various tools and their expertise to Provide Solutions

This consultation can take up to 2 hours, with one or two visits usually needed.
A full written report is furnished to the client.
Recommendations and Suggestions are made and Care Plan Outlined detailing how to progress the care of the Older Person.

The Assessment Phase can be the only service a client uses. However, most clients and their families work out a more comprehensive care plan that includes repeat visits by us.
 There are a number of Service Levels which will be discussed more fully with a client on a one to one basis.

For Example
Following the Comprehensive Care Needs Assessment a Detailed Care Plan can be drawn up involving all the relevant stakeholders, i.e.If the client is at home these include the Client and their Family, Home Care Services, GP Services, Community Services, Family and Friends.
If the Client is in Hospital, Residential Setting or Supported Living Setting the Care Plan is tailored to meet these specific needs and requirements.

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